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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Speaking of Global Warming

It seems that there have been a rash of intellectuals declaring that the debate over "Global Warming" is over.

Not the least significant is the Los Angeles Times letters to the editors page.  They have recently declared that they will no longer publish letters from global warming "deniers".

The reason, or course, is that it is (take your pick)

a. settled science
b. the consensus finding of 97 percent of scientists
c. proven by the decline in polar bear population
d. a gusher of tax money from "carbon taxes"

If there was an official debate over global warming.  You would have thought the newspapers would have reported on a contest so consequential for the future of the planet.

But, no.  Nothing in the newspapers.  Nothing in the internet archives.

No stories about "Raucous Crowds Supporting or DIssing Global Warming Debaters".

Only, second string copyists reporting, after the fact, that a debate on global warming was held, and the Warmists won.

You would have thought that, in the day of televised, competitive everything -- Football, Wrestling, American Idol, Spelling Bees -- someone, somewhere might have thought of making a television buck on the great global warming debate.

But no.  The intellectuals decided to have the debate in a closet, and then report to us that the people who agreed with them won -- and require us to send them money.

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