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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Re: Perfect PC Election

Because it is a "Perfect PC Election", the application of Political Correctness Calculus will perfectly predict who is going to win!

Step 1:  Throw out the Straight Christian White Male Republican.  This is one party California.  He'll be lucky if he doesn't get rounded up by the PC police,  sent to a re-education camp and water boarded.

Step 2:  Throw out the Guilty White Liberal Progressive un-White guy.  He will realize that he doesn't deserve to win the election because of his "white skin privilege", and will confess that he's not sure that he is NOT a racist.

Step 3: Throw out the Black Female Nuclear Engineer Democrat Activist.  Without doubt, she will nail down the Black Female Nuclear Engineer vote in the district, but beyond that, what's left.  Planned Parenthood aborted half the black babies in the district years ago, so they won't be showing up at the polls.

Step 4: Throw out the Hispanic guy.  Hispanics won't go to the polls because those "wascally wepublicans" shut down the government, refused to pass immigration reform, and will be patrolling the polling stations looking for Hispanic illegal immigrants.

Step 5: The last man standing is the Asian guy. Asians know how to get to the front of the line.  They know how to squeeze the tomatoes at Whole Foods, and leave the soft squishy ones for the meek white people who have been told that tomatoes that are too good cause global warming, which is another reason that white people don't deserve to win elections. 

The winner is:  Kansen Chu!

Who needs polls?! Who needs thumb sucking endorsements by newspaper editors who fret about the racial insensitivity of Washington Redskin football fans?

Ground hogs can predict the coming of spring.  Political correctness predicts California elections.

We actually don't need voters anymore.

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